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Move Well .  Move Often . Move All Ways

Hi, I'm Lauren

Registered Massage Therapist/Dreamer

If you let me, I will talk your ear off about the human body for an unreasonably long time.  My love for everything human and movement started with playing sports at a young age.  To name a few, I've tried baseball,  rhythmic gymnastics, dance, wrestling (badly), crossfit, olympic lifting, triathlon, and capoeira (also badly). 


A love of sport turned into a love of coaching/teaching.  That love turned into a drive to help people , and through the wonderful process of life I found Massage Therapy as a way to help.  Now that I am here, I see a gap between what our bodies need, how they work, and what we actually know about them.  So enters my life long mission: Teach people how their bodies work, how to take care of them, and start it from a young age.  

Sounds simple, right?  I sure hope so.

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Why Naturopathy
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The Philosophy


    Our bodies are one of the most complex machines out there.  All of our body systems are working together at all times to keep us healthy.  When one or more systems dysfunction, the effects can be felt all over and in ways that may seem unrelated.  But, our bodies never do anything without a purpose.  It might not always make sense to us, though.  

In light of this, I believe in working with a trusted group of practitioners from different backgrounds. This will give you a more complete picture of your health and wellness.  In the Resources tab, you will find a list of practitioners from various fields whom I trust, and share a similar philosophy.  

My approach to treatment is also a little unconventional for an RMT.  I use gait, postural and range of motion assessment, as well as, muscle testing to get to the root of the problem.  These tools help me look at muscle imbalances and compensation patterns.  Muscle imbalances and compensation patterns, can form in an instant or over time.  They come from injury or overuse, and can last for decades.  To treat these, I use myofascial release, mobilizations, muscle activation, stretching, lymphatic flushing, glass and silicone cupping, as well as heat and ice (the latter is only sometimes, I promise).  

Most importantly, I believe your body knows best.  We just have to learn to listen to it.



"I went to Lauren because I needed something in my back worked out, immediately booked a longer session to do some movement analysis to identifying some muscle imbalances and start working on them, having worked through a lot of different injuries (knee, back, shoulder etc.) I'm keen on taking preventative measures to avoid getting hurt again. Lauren is incredibly knowledgable and makes everything easy to understand. I really encourage any of my fellow lifters go see her, she can help you keep you injury free and feeling good!"

- David V.

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303 - 8708 155 Street NW,  Edmonton,  AB  T5R 1W2


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Muscle Testing
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Rehab Exercises
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Fascial Release
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